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Anja says, on Mrz/27/2010 at 19:01. IP:    

Nachdem ich aus Marrakesh gerade zurückgekommen war und diese Kritik gelesen hatte, bin ich losgelaufen, um Oriental Lounge zu riechen. Und ja wirklich!, ich fühlte mich nicht nur sofort nach Marrakesh zurückversetzt, sondern war zum ersten Mal von einem orientalischen Duft begeistert. Denn in der Tat, es hat nichts von der Schwere, die man erwarten würde. Seitdem trage ich jeden Tag ein Stück großartiger Lebens/Urlaubserfahrung mit herum und werde neugierig nach dem Duft gefragt…

Kim says, on Mrz/11/2011 at 00:00. IP:    

I tried this at Aedes in New York, and thought it was wonderful, but I recognized it being very similar to C.K. Obsession. so when I got home, I did a test with both. They’re almost identical. Obsession has some note in it that gives it’s a snap, or slight brashness. Considering the price difference (C.K. = 50.00 and O.G. = 220.00), For people on a very tight budget, it would be insane for me to have purchased this.

Lena says, on Mrz/11/2011 at 11:35. IP:    

I tested Oriental Lounge again to get an impression what you mean. I know Obsession since the 80ies, when Kate Moss was still the testimonial for the campaign. I wore it but it was always too heavy and too much. A typical loud 80ies scent!

And that’s the point: the structure and the balance of the perfumes are completely different, even if they share some notes. Obsession has more spices, more vanilla, something sharp and animalic (civet). It is sweet and powdery.

Oriental Lounge is creamy, subtle and light with floral aspects and warm amber, only slightly powdery – it contrasts the traditional oriental perfume. And that’s what Céline Ellena wanted to do, make a light oriental. I love it, it’s absolutely wearable, sophisticated and perfectly balanced.

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