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Perfume Shop says, on Okt/13/2011 at 14:26. IP:    

This post is very much interesting….I like it very much…

Fragrance Exhibits | says, on Okt/14/2011 at 15:13. IP:    

[…] discovered via Olfactorialist that Burr spoke in September at a TEDx conference in Budapest about three great fragrances: Jicky […]

Perfume Shop says, on Nov/22/2011 at 13:52. IP:    

We love reading everything what you write.
Btw, I love how you “decorated” your site. Sooooo stylish!!!

Sin City j'ai tué pour elle Film complet says, on Sep/06/2014 at 17:22. IP:    

A Greek chorus of historical figures, including Leonardo
da Vinci and 19th-century politician Giuseppe Garibaldi,
add rueful comment on the characters and their troubles while arguing about Italy’s
distressing current state of affairs. But television do not
provide the same pleasure of watching a movie as does
movie theatre with its huge screen and surround sound system.

An electronic board alerting moviegoers when their show is
starting and when it’s time for seating for that particular
show, is situated in the lounge, as is a large HDTV.

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