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niceday4asulk says, on Okt/23/2011 at 22:02. IP:    

Diptyque Philosykos is an old classic for me, but I’ve been wearing Honoré des Prés Chaman’s Party this month and I find it perfect for autumn. The slightly charred-wood opening reminds me of Bonfire night! And for a 100% natural perfume, its lasting powers are impressive (I can still smell the vetiver basenotes after my evening shower).

I’m hugely intrigued by SL Chergui, definitely one I’ll be trying on my lunch break tomorrow. Thanks for sharing


Lena says, on Okt/24/2011 at 09:43. IP:    

Philosykos in autumn must be very uplifting and I find it quite interesting that you say that Chaman’s Party has a good lasting power. All the other Honoré des Prés scents didn’t have that on my skin. I will soon check this one, I think it’s the only one I didn’t test yet.

Thank you!

Have a nice day, Lena

+ Q Perfume Blog says, on Okt/28/2011 at 22:53. IP:    

Dearest, thank you for the amazing list! Sometimes I need gourmet fragrances, some times just beautiful alluring ones…
I just tend to leave the dry ones for another season because this season in my city is really really dry.


HemlockSillage says, on Okt/29/2011 at 01:40. IP:    

Fun list! Thank you for the link to the Dior Homme short film, it was fantastic. Jude Law at his best.

Completely agree on Chergui, Kyoto and Dior Homme. All are beautiful, and some of the reasons I love fall fragrances.

You’ve made me want to try Montale’s Blue Amber. I love several things from that house, but haven’t tried that one. You also really intrigued me with your description of Technique Indiscrète’s Délivre-moi. I just have to find stockists in the US–just like that, a lemming is born.

This week has been my leather week, with Daim Blond, Boxeuses, Bottega Veneta, Cuir de Russie, and Oud Cuir d’Arabie. Thanks for your thoughtful, fun posts. Be well.

Lena says, on Okt/29/2011 at 15:52. IP:    

Jude Law wohoo…

I love Cuir d’Arabie, it’s a great oud scent!

With Bottega Veneta I am not sure. I loved it at first sniff but then I mentioned this „Gucci Rush note“… have to try it again, but I think there are better leather scents. As for example Cuir d’Arabie. Did you try Knize Ten? Great classic!

Have a nice weekend, Lena

Lena says, on Okt/29/2011 at 15:56. IP:    

Dear Simone (+Q Perfume Blog),

I think we share the same Coco Mad-ness lol

Big hug, Lena

Barbara says, on Nov/10/2011 at 13:02. IP:    

I just receive the Technique Indiscrete perfume! i m in love with his perfume, i receive also my Christmas Candle.
The new customer service are very dynamic in 3 days i receive my parcel and of course the Délivre moi is very good, i want to order them. i wear with Santa Subita at the moment

Also i was surprise to receive a small Christas gift this is super cool!
In love with brand
Barbara from Firenze

Lena says, on Nov/10/2011 at 15:26. IP:    

Hi Barbara,

Santa Subita smells wonderful!

I share this love. Enjoy!

Best, Lena

Barbara says, on Nov/11/2011 at 12:56. IP:    

Hy Lena,
tank you for your blog !
Santa Subita smells wonderful!
You know the Santa Subita scented candles?
i have also in my house,this perfume give a very chic atmosphere in the house.
I thing i want to buy Délivre Moi perfume and also the candle, i m very candle in my house, i m big fan of this brand now, i become addict.

Lena says, on Nov/11/2011 at 17:13. IP:    

Hi Barbara,

thank you!

I don’t know the Santa Subita candle, I love the Black Olive candle, smells like tapenade and wonderful for a dinner party 😉

Now the candle season starts!!

Best, Lena

Top 10 autumn scents by Olfactorialist | aromayoga says, on Nov/28/2011 at 21:41. IP:    

[…] Click here for link: […]

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