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Juraj says, on Dez/18/2011 at 18:35. IP:    

I wish that to you alsoooo!! :)

I made usual recommendations on my blog, for those who are not into perfumes…tomorrow I will post something like you, only Niche stuff and for connoisseurs :)


Lena says, on Dez/18/2011 at 22:17. IP:    

Hi Juraj and welcome to the blogosphere! I am looking forward to read your list :-)

Have a wonderful Christmas! Best, Lena

Juraj says, on Dez/19/2011 at 09:59. IP:    

Thank youuuuu!! :)
Blog is old for only 4 days now 😀

I wish you also a wonderful and smelly Xmas! :) Write down what you wore on that day 😉

Regards! Juraj

Lena says, on Dez/19/2011 at 19:49. IP:    

Good idea Juraj!

Best, Lena

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