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Rob says, on Feb/13/2012 at 18:01. IP:    

My first one was Fahrenheit. I still think it’s great. It’s been the milestone for ages. I used to judge all other perfumes comparing them to it. Guess what? They were bad, all of them ;)
Now I’m waaay more open minded, and I appreciate lots of other perfumes. But I dislike Fahrenheit. The reformulated one, mind you: the classic one is still great ;)

Lena Brombacher says, on Feb/13/2012 at 18:42. IP:    

“They were bad, all of them” hahaha!!
What’s favorite now? Something commercial or something more niche?

The original Fahrenheit was so unique, I just have talked to a friend of mine about it an hour ago.

Thank you Rob! :-)

Rob says, on Feb/13/2012 at 19:08. IP:    

I almost exclusively buy niche perfums now. Just to name a few, I love Black Orchid by Tom Ford, Iris Silver Mist by Frederic Malle, Barry Lyndon by Maria Candida Gentile, Quartz Rose by Olivier Durbano, Arso by Profumum. I’m still searching for my Holy Grail, tho. But in the end aren’t all we perfume aficionados doing that? ;)

p.s. hey, the anti spam math is too difficult!! ;)

Rob says, on Feb/13/2012 at 19:09. IP:    

p.s. I forgot to mention Fahrenheit Absolute, the only version that reminds me of the original one…

Lena Brombacher says, on Feb/13/2012 at 19:25. IP:    

Yes, we are all searching for your Holy Grail – that’s so true!!! :-) But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for ;-)

Great perfumes, I love Black Orchid, Quartz Rose is wonderful, Barry Lindon very herbal, just re-tested it right now, I have a sample here but I imagine it could be great in summer, Arso I don’t know and Iris Silver Mist – you mean Iris Poudre?

The anti spam math is necessary to avoid those spam robos, of course it is not difficult! ;-)

Dirk says, on Feb/13/2012 at 19:35. IP:    

Davidoff: My first one was Zino, my absolute favourite was Relax. Still loving both of them, heavy and sweet. They don’t make men’s fragrances like these anymore… *sigh*

Rob says, on Feb/13/2012 at 20:10. IP:    

Sorry, Iris Silver Mist is by Serge Lutens, not Frederic Malle.

You mean that 4 + 5 is not difficult? You’re kiddin’ me!! ;)

Lena Brombacher says, on Feb/13/2012 at 20:18. IP:    

4 + 5 for a spam robot is very difficult lol

niceday4asulk says, on Feb/13/2012 at 20:37. IP:    

Great post, your list sent me right back with Anaïs Anaïs, which was my first perfume ever!
I then moved on to Moschino Couture for most of my teenage years, along with Grès Cabotine which was so fashionable!
Although I never wore them, YSL Rive Gauche and Laroche’s Fidji also remind me of those years as my mum alternated between the 2.
I am now addicted to the less commercial scents, with Serge Lutens Chergui at the top of my winter list, and Jo Malone Nutmeg & Ginger for sunnier days.
Philosykos is also a favourite to relax at home after a long day at work, although I’ve got my eyes (nose?) on Vetiveryo that would be just perfect for spring.
Main perfume regret: I wish Comme Des Garcons Wonderwood was stronger on my skin, as I love the first few minutes with those too short-lived opening notes.

Lena Brombacher says, on Feb/13/2012 at 21:05. IP:    

It is so funny that so many girls started with Anaïs Anaïs, even the perfumer Yosh Han told me that it was her first perfume.

I love Jo Malone Nutmeg & Ginger!!! And of course Philosykos is great! :-)

On my stroll through the department store I also smelled Rive Gauche and Opium – so strong but great classics. I wouldn’t wear them but there are some girls who can do it.

My mother used to wear Cabochard by Grès.

Silke says, on Feb/14/2012 at 00:34. IP:    

Mine was Paris from YSL, a gift from my first boyfriend Peter I was so much in love with. But when we broke up I have never used it again but pourted it into the sink. Very dramatic.
So far, I still can’t smell it without thinking of the time I was 15…

Juraj says, on Feb/14/2012 at 01:04. IP:    

Hi Lena,

Oh, when I just think about that times….
My fist fragrance was Lacoste Cool play. My dad was in France and I asked him if he can buy it for me. I remember that I have tried that one on a friend and I liked it much, so I needed to have it! :D After that, second fragrance was also Lacoste but Cool play…that was blind buy, also asked a dad… :D Someone gave me accidentaly Bvlgari BLV for Women as a present, and the first fragrance for whom I was crazy about Calvin Klein Euphoria. Just on the beggining of high school. Second love was D&G The One, Lancome Hypnose…all in high school, I have bad bad memories with Lancome so I don’t wear it anymore. There are also lots of perfumes….my first niche was by Maison francis Kurkdjian because he is one of my favorites. Today, I don’t consider mainstream fragrances anymore…



Lena says, on Feb/14/2012 at 09:19. IP:    

@ Dirk
Zino was the signature scent of my ex-boyfriend, I loved it very much and until today I have to say that it’s a great perfume!

@ Silke
Once I smelled Paris on you, is that possible, not so long ago???

@ Juraj
Which Francis Kurkdjian was your first one? I love Absolue pour le matin! It’s so fresh for the morning.

Juraj says, on Feb/14/2012 at 11:58. IP:    

I love him and his whole line. What an artist…

It was – A Piece of Me :)
I want Absolue pour le Soir ;)

Lena says, on Feb/14/2012 at 12:24. IP:    

Absolue pour le soir, of course ;-)

Anonymous says, on Feb/26/2012 at 16:58. IP:    

Nice to know about your perfume memoir!
I remember the first one I bought , it was Rumba , Balenciaga. I live in buenos aires, we have only mainstream&classics, no niche at all!
I also remember my aunts’ scents, Rive Gauche, Chanel 19, Byzance Rochas, Poison at that time those evoke a grown up independent woman, so I was amazed.
I used to love men frangance, a bit of rebel & original posture, due to the lack of options.
Im a fan of comme des garcons in the present, I have 4 of them and wish to have them all. Reading your blog I was introduce to Andy Tauer , e Mail them & discovered they do ship to Argentina, I have 2 boxes of samples and a bottle of Pentacord Verdant wich I love and use a little to preserve it. I have in mind to buy Carillon pour un Ange and Lonestar Memories.
I also have some commercials, like aromatic elixir, hermes and alíen-mugler and also love them. But for sure if I had the chance, I ll turn completly into niche.
I like olfactorialist a lot, thanks Lena.

Lena says, on Feb/26/2012 at 17:32. IP:    

Dear Florence,

interesting to hear that you don’t get niche perfumes in Buenos Aires at all! To wear men’s fragrances was a really good option, I love to wear men’s scents too, it is kind of a statement.

Which Comme des Garcons perfumes do you wear?

I am happy to hear that I could inspire you with Andy Tauer’s perfumes!

Thank you very much, best Lena

Florence says, on Feb/26/2012 at 22:31. IP:    

Hi Lena ,
Andy Tauer is really interesting , adorable. A good thing try!!
I know I have a world to discover on creators & niche scents,
I m going to NYC on march , so I ll do my research.
On Cdg , I have
Odeur 71
CDG 2 man,
CDG 2 woman,
CDG the cinammon one.
Can’t decide of any favourite, it depends.
As soon as I get a new CDG is a fav.
I cant be loyal, there sooo much to try !
The thing is I spent lots of time on the net
with blogs & sites about perfumes.
Thanks for yours Lena!

perfume mall says, on Mrz/07/2012 at 13:55. IP:    

well, your post also remind me some of my teen age perfumes which I used and some of them are still available in the market and I prefer to buy them when I found any of them.
Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Poison by Dior

Cašmir by Chopard

Obsession by Calvin Klein
Angel by Thierry Mugler

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Youth Dew Amber Nude all of them are my favorite perfumes and I love to use them to get great fragrance.

+ Q Perfume Blog says, on Mrz/22/2012 at 23:00. IP:    

First, Oscar, Anais, Tendre Poison, G, Obsession…wow….

Lena says, on Mrz/23/2012 at 08:43. IP:    

Is there anybody who did NOT wear Anais Anais? ;-)

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