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Nathalie Grainger says, on Jul/13/2010 at 11:22. IP:    

Thank you so much Lena for reviewing this book which was a true labour of love. With regards to some of your valid points raised: being the first edition of its kind to come from me and Quintessentially Publishing (who commissioned me to compile and co-write this book) it was a ‘leap of faith’ for many brands who needed to trust me without knowing me! Some brands preferred to wait and see how the book turned out before coming on board for any future projects. Some brands choose to stay independent from others in any one publication and others already had collaborations underway with their own books.
With imagery we were very conscious of allowing each brand to have total control of how they were portrayed and indeed some brands had extensive image libraries whilst others did not- also some brands could give us free reign over how we worked with their look whilst others worked to very strict guidelines which we needed to adhere to. All fascinating stuff and an invaluable insight into the variety of brand cultures out there and their respective philosophies. I must say that it has all reinforced my passion for perfume and people. Here’s to the constant pursuit of happiness through shared olfactory emotions. Fragrant Regards, Nathalie

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